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blog img 24.10.2020

Crocheting a Piglet: my experience

Before the New year, my daughter wanted me to tie up a Piglet-girl. This is my first experience of creating a crochet toy.

How I crocheted a Piglet in a dress

Before starting work, I suggested that the child choose the color scheme o...

blog img 24.10.2020

Rainbow in a glass. An interesting home experience for children

We all remember the hint about the colors of the rainbow — Every Hunter Wants to Know Where the Pheasant is Sitting. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Blue, Purple — these are the colors of markers you need to conduct a home experience.

We will stud...

blog img 24.10.2020

BABELNET: gift for thirty years the boy

What to give a man in 30 years? This is an actual question! So I thought about this question. But the culprit of the celebration announced to all relatives-give money. To come with an envelope in your hand is too corny.

I saw a very funny picture on the ...

blog img 24.10.2020

Pumpkin and orange cheesecake

My mother saw the recipe on the Internet. Numerous reviews have inspired her. We decided to gather in the kitchen to conduct a pastry experiment and prepare a pumpkin cake.

The following products will be required for cooking:

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